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Are you aspiring to use communication services and products to enrich your educational experience? Do you wish to know the state of communication in Tanzania or wish to know different trends and finding in the field of communication?

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Digital Clubs

Digital clubs are awareness student led groups that are introduced in learning institutions for the aim of creating digital literacy to students and a wider platform of creating awareness.

Digital clubs are groups that consists of a minimum of two (2) students who form a digital club management with one (1) staff who is a focal point of contact and supervisor of the digital club management and the rest of members.


  • ✓ Promote various communication knowledge to the young generation (digital citizens)
  • ✓ Fulfilment of obligations when using communication goods and services
  • ✓ Dissemination of acquired knowledge to their colleagues and families
  • ✓ Strengthen cyber security culture within the society
  • ✓ Youth motivation to develop a carrier in communication


  • ✓ Increase knowledge on communication sector
  • ✓ Recognition of Digital Club members by TCRA eg issuing certificates in the future

Responsibility of TCRA

  • ✓ Promote establishment of Digital Clubs in Universities
  • ✓ Provide communication knowledge to club members
  • ✓ Distribute publicity materials to the clubs
  • ✓ Prepare seminars/dialogues/competitions in which clubs join together to discuss communication issues

Responsibility of Digital Clubs

  • ✓ Mobilize students in Universities to join the club
  • ✓ Discuss various communication matters
  • ✓ Participate in TCRA seminars to update knowledge on communication
  • ✓ Attend/organise communication dialogues within and outside the school
  • ✓ Share communication knowledge to other students and community at large

Responsibility of University

  • ✓ Recognize the established Digital Clubs
  • ✓ Give permissions for activities to be performed in/out of University premises

Expected Results

  • ✓ Increased trainers
  • ✓ Wide coverage of awareness sessions
  • ✓ Presence of Digital Clubs in Higher Learning Institutions
  • ✓ Continuation of learning and awareness
  • ✓ Increased TCRA visibility
  • ✓ Responsible digital citizens and increased communication enthusiasts among youth/community aiming at changing the attitude of users who access communication goods and services

TCRA collaborates closely with the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology and other institutions to digital clubs, the objective being to raise awareness among students taking ICT classes on the opportunities in cyberspace.

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Child Online Protection

Child Online Protection (COP) is a worldwide issue that calls for a holistic approach, a global response, international collaboration, and national coordination to safeguard children from risks and potential harm while also enabling them to take full use of online opportunities.

Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) in cognizant with this and has implemented a number of initiatives that span national and international coordination, capacity building, and communication resources to protect children from risks and potential harm.

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